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The silver hoops earrings in this collection are the exact silver hoops you need! The silver hoops are perfect for someone who wants to keep it simple but go for an elegant or cool look. The silver pieces in this collection are perfect for daily fits. Besides daily fits, you can easily wear them to a party, a dinner or any other social gathering. They are literally always a good choice to wear! The styles in this collection are hand-picked according to the latest fashion trends so you are wearing the most stylish and fun styles. Choose your favorites and don’t be shy to add many styles to your shopping cart. Have fun exploring this collection!


The styles in this collection vary from simple and minimalistic styles to cool pieces. If you’re in the mood for a pop of color, the Hoop earrings with gemstones are an amazing choice. When you’re more into the urban and cool style, the Asian hoops offer you a big range of chunky hoops. There are multiple options for sizes as well! Here at Juulry we have small hoops as well as bigger hoops, the smallest being 12MM and the biggest is 50MM. Besides sizes we also offer different thickness as well, scroll through our collection to see what we have to offer!


You may wonder what the material of our silver hoops is made of? We’re more than happy to tell you more about our silver pieces. Our silver hoops are made of 925 Sterling Silver. We have chosen the highest quality possible for our jewelry, so you can wear them all-year-round and enjoy them as much as you can! Therefore we have to give you a heads up that we recommend you take your jewelry off when you go swimming, showering, and exercising. To keep our pieces beautiful we have to take care of our jewelry with love and care!


You can never have too many silver hoops therefore do not hesitate to buy a new pair of hoops now! Orders over €50,- will be shipped for free in Europe. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order or our collection. We are always ready to answer your questions! Orders placed on workdays before 15:00 will be sent out on the same day.

Enjoy your style and expand your jewelry stash!