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Gift vouchers are also known as gift cards and are a perfect gift option for anyone! Generally, gift cards make a great present for a number of reasons. If you still aren’t sure what to get for the special people in your life, gift vouchers make a good choice. What is nice about a gift voucher is that they are digitally available as well, this is especially nice if you want to give someone a gift from a longer distance. Our gift vouchers range from €10,00 to €100,00. You can use your gift cards on all of our beautiful pieces on Juulry. Choose your budget and make someone happy with a gift voucher!


You may wonder why gift vouchers are a good choice? We are here to list to you some reasons why giving gift vouchers are a perfect present for you to give! First of all, you can easily stay on budget with a gift voucher. Then we also have the great power of flexibility that comes with a gift voucher. You’re allowing the receiver to choose what they really want, they have all the freedom to find the jewelry they love! A perfect flexible gift that allows the receiver to choose the experience of shopping here at Juulry. Many may also think a gift voucher can be impersonal, though it is not. Getting a gift card for someone’s favorite store or a store of their liking is fun, thoughtful, and in fact personal! Therefore there are so many reasons why gift vouchers are such fun gifts!


Everybody loves giving gifts or receiving them! Therefore we have a lot of options for you, as a receiver and giver, in our collections full of jewelry. Our jewelry is very diverse and we are positive there is a match for everyone. Therefore it is very nice to be able to find a piece of jewelry with a gift voucher so you are free to choose what you like. We have several categories that consist of gorgeous earrings, delicate necklaces, lovely bracelets, stunning rings, and cute accessories. Our collections are filled with amazing pieces that are available in silver, gold plated, and occasionally rose gold plated. Check out our jewelry collections to find your match!


Purchase a Gift Voucher and send it to your loved ones! Suitable for any time and every occasion! Orders over €50,- will be shipped for free in Europe. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order or our collection. We are always ready to answer your questions! Orders placed on workdays before 15:00 will be sent out on the same day.

Make everyone happy!