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If you cannot stop thinking about it, buy it! Especially with our beautiful golden hoops in this collection. Here at Juulry we have hand-picked hoops in different styles for you to choose from. Gold plated items in this collection are all the golden hoops we have in our assortment, therefore you don’t have to filter on color and is it easier to find your next pair of gold hoops. If you want a pop of color, a simple golden hoop or something more urban looking, this is the collection for you. Explore this collection and find the earrings for you!


Our hoops have such a wide variety of different styles that it is hard not to fall in love with at least one pair of earrings. We think it is important not to show only one style but offer many so many people can find their new pair of hoops here. Therefore we offer hoops with colored stones, with pendants, as well as simple and minimalistic hoops. Besides minimalist styles we also offer chunky hoops, these are the hoops we seperated in our Asian collection well. They are perfect for someone who loves an urban look. Anyhow, we are sure you will find your next pair of gold plated hoop earrings here at Juulry!


Hoops are in general perfect to pair with other earrings and with each other. Hoops are easy to combine which makes the possibilities literally endless. Especially for the ladies with more than one hole in their earlobes. You can easily pair hoops with each other, for example you can mix urban hoops with simple classic hoops for a fashionable but sophisticated look. Or you could mix the hoops in this collection with other earrings, such as hanging earrings and stud earrings. Be creative with mixing and matching your earrings! If you are looking for a gift, these gold hoops are perfect as well. Especially a good match for someone who loves gold and wearing hoops. Add a gift box with your order to complete the gift!


Found your next pair of golden hoops? Add them to your cart now! Orders over €50,- will be shipped for free in Europe. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order or our collection. We are always ready to answer your questions! Orders placed on workdays before 15:00 will be sent out on the same day.

Be golden!