Explore rose gold necklaces here at Juulry! This rose gold plated collection is filled with every single rose golden plated necklace we have in our assortment. Browse through this collection to find your new rose gold necklaces. The necklaces in this collection consist of different lengths, the shortest being 40-46cm and the longest being 72cm. The differences in lengths make it fun to play around with the necklaces. Some of rose gold necklaces come in minimalistic shapes, these minimalistic necklaces such as hexagon, simple circles, and stars. For the long classic necklaces we have geometric shapes as well as a rod at the end of the necklace. Enjoy browsing through our rose gold necklace collection!


Want to know more about rose gold plated jewelry? Then keep on reading! A simple fact of rose gold is that rose gold is actually an alloy made from a combination of gold and copper, which is also the reason behind this beautiful rose color and shine! The rose gold we use in this collection has hints of red and yellow in its color, therefore it fits with any shade and undertone. To dive in deeper and make it more specific rose gold fits very well with neutral tones and colors. Rose gold also represents love which makes them the ideal gifts for valentine’s day or an anniversary. Besides, rose gold is a very stylish choice of color for jewelry. This makes rose gold jewelry unique and trendy!


The rose gold necklaces in this collection are made of Brass and then coated with a beautiful layer of Rose Gold. Here at Juulry we think it is important to deliver quality, therefore we use the highest quality of silver and a carefully chosen Brass. We also recommend you take your jewelry off when you go swimming, showering, and exercising. Besides, they are also perfect pieces for your lover, since rose gold represents love. Therefore we suggest you take a look at the beautiful items in this collection for you to gift your lover, or someone else you love dearly! The pieces in this collection also are available in Gold Plated as well as Silver in case you are looking for either of those colors. Enjoy exploring our rose gold pieces in this collection!


Order a new rose gold necklace now! Orders over €50,- will be shipped for free in Europe. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order or our collection. We are always ready to answer your questions! Orders placed on workdays before 15:00 will be sent out on the same day.

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