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Hairbands are an essential accessory piece for fashion accessory lovers! Our hairbands are a real fashion statement. Hairbands often get called headbands as well, because they are wrapped around your head with an elastic besides that they come in all kinds of shapes, fabrics, and colors. Besides that the hairbands in this collection look beautiful they are also amazing for the winter. The velvet fabric and touch of the hairband give a luxurious and fancy look. And the velvet fabric makes them feel soft and extremely comfortable to wear. The hairbands can be used as earmuffs in the winter since they are very warm due to the fabric. Besides them being comfortable and warm, you can wear them when you have a bad hair day or to spice up your outfit!


The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear! Our hairbands come in 7 different colors for you to choose from, brown, light green, purple, black, blue, grey, and red. These colors you can mix and match with any outfit and look. All the hairbands in this collection are made of velvet fabric. Besides matching the hairbands with your outfit, you can also mix and match with pieces from our other collections. You can combine them with stud earrings, hanging earrings, and other hoops. Have fun styling and feeling great in what you wear!


The hairbands in this collection are wrapped hairbands that can fit easily around your head which makes them easy and comfortable to wear. Since our hairbands are so comfortable and beautiful you can also gift them to your friend, lover, or mom! These hairbands are an ideal gift for someone who just loves to wear hairbands. Because you can wear hairbands in any way you like, for example with your hair loose, a ponytail, or in a cute bun. Our hairbands are velvet which makes them a great gift for the winter and fall months. The hairbands are all beautifully packed as a present as well. Make someone happy with a velvet hairband!


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